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Tour Description

This tour can be made in one or two days depending on how the guest prefer to enjoy all beauty the country can offer. However, the tour focuses mostly on discovering the most southern sources of the mighty Nile River. The Nile River is considered as a lifeline for Egypt and some more country such as Ethiopia and Sudan.

The trip starts in Bujumbura and heads to the Ijenda road.  While leaving the city behind, the mountainous landscape offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Bujumbura. On his way, the guest will also enjoy discovering one of the oldest catholic mission in Buhonga and the beautiful church building in Ijenda.

At the main site, the guest will discover a pyramid which symbolizes the true location of the southern and most remote source of the Nile river. Upon the return from the source, the tour offers a possibility of discovering the Agasumo Waterfall in Mwaro. In this case one night is spent in Mwaro and the next day the team return to Bujumbura.

Tour Routes

DAY 1: Bujumbura – Ijenda – Rutovu (Source of Nile) – Return to Bujumbura (option1) 


DAY 1: Bujumbura-Ijenda-Rutovu- back to Mwaro (option 2)

DAY 2: Mwaro- Agasumo Waterfall – Return to Bujumbura (Picnic arrangements made for this tour)

About the activities

Duration – 2 days

Departure from Bujumbura (at 09h00)

Return to Bujumbura same for option 1 or next day for option 2 (Arrival 18h00)


  • As you climb towards Buhonga you enjoy the panoramic views of Bujumbura city beneath.  
  • Discover some of the oldest catholic missions both in Buhonga and Ijenda and the beautiful old church buildings.
  • Take multitude of photos of the chains of mountains, the tea plantations and the green vegetation on your way.
  • Visit the Nile Source and hear the stories and facts about the explorer who found it from the local guide.
  • Explore the tiny Pyramid established in the vicinity of the source as a reminder of the pyramids in Egypt.
  • Have a picnic at the established facilities for that purpose
  • Agasumo ka Mwaro (Mwaro Waterfalls) is another hidden secret to discover on your way back

Included in this tour

  • All Transport
  • Pick-up and drop-off
  • Drinks
  • When agreed in advance, the tour can also include accommodation fees outside of Bujumbura
  • Entrance fees to access the site
  • The picnic: Food and Drinks (only at the Source of Nile picnic facilities)

Excluded from this tour

  • Accommodation in Bujumbura
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • Souvenirs
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