The Ruvubu National Park is located in the north-eastern part of Burundi, bordering Tanzania and extending over four provinces (Cankuzo, Karuzi, Muyinga and Ruyigi). The Ruvubu National Park is the largest in Burundi, covering an area of 50,800 ha. The average altitude is between 1,350 and 1836 m. Its length is 62 km and the width vary between 5 and 13 km. The park is very attractive with a variety of wildlife including 44 species of mammals (buffaloes, harnessed antelopes, warthogs, panthers, monkeys, jackals).  Hippos and crocodiles are quite abundant in the river that bears the same name as the park. The Ruvubu National Park is home to 425 species of birds, including the great vultures, carnivores, water-related species such as the kingfisher, the great owl and the crowned crane. The park offers possibilities of eco-tourism.