The Nyakazu Canyons are located in Rutana province at 44 Km from the RN5. Four royal sanctuaries still exist in the same area as the canyon. These are groves called Mirehe, Bunywankoko, Rushwati and Yatotwa and they commemorate the history of the monarchy. The sanctuaries used to play an important role in the National Seeding Day (Umuganuro) held at the King’s court in Muramvya. One of Burundian clans is still involved in the maintenance and protection of these royal shrines. The Nyakazu canyon is the most visited and the most popular. A legend says that the boots of Germans fleeing the Belgians during WWI created the spectacular canyon. It is therefore both a natural and historical site. The main attraction is the magnificent relief of the Nkoma Massif, oriented towards the South-East and offering an unobstructed view of the Kumoso plain.