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Tour Description

This is a 3 days and 2 nights’ tour during which our guest will enjoy the views of Lake Tanganyika as we cruise along the lagoon. The gastronomy of this region includes but not limited to the famous “Grilled Mukeke”, a tasty fish from the lake. There is a lot of succulent mangoes, mandarins and other fruits in the region.

Passed Rumonge, the guest has a choice of going to Mugara Hotsprings where he can enjoy a therapeutic swim in the warm water or a view of the Kigwena Natural Reserve. On the same road, the guest can also enjoy swimming in the turquoise water of Tanganyika in Nyanza-Lac where he will spend the first night.

On the second day, the trip will continue towards the Karera Falls as the main attraction for the day. However, the guest will still enjoy the mountainous landscape as he climbs the Rukonwe Heights and the breathtaking of the Imbo valley with Lake Tanganyika at the feet of the mountain. On the second day the guest can also choose to go and see the Sugar plantations in Rutana before arriving at the Karera Waterfalls. The guest can also choose to combine the viewing of the waterfalls and the Nyakazu Canyons. The second night will be spent in Gitega, the political capital of Burundi with a return to Bujumbura the next morning. (There is a possibility of staying and enjoy what Gitega has to offer such as the famous Gishora Royal Drums which have been included into the UNESCO World Heritage).  

Tour Route

DAY 1: Bujumbura – Rumonge-Nyanza-Lac  

DAY 2: Nyanza-lac –Makamba – Karera Falls / Nyakazu Canyons

DAY 3: Return to Bujumbura

About the activities

Duration – 3 days

Departure from Bujumbura (at 08h00)

Return to Bujumbura the next day (Arrival 18h00)


  • Enjoy the views of Lake Tanganyika along the lagoon
  • Taste the grilled fresh fish known as Mukeke
  • Deep into the Mugara Hot spring pool
  • Have pictures of the Kigwena Natural Reserves with its blue monkeys and chimpanzees
  • Swim and refresh into the Lake Tanganyika or enjoy a bon fire the evening at the beach
  • The unbelievable beauty of the Karera Falls

Included in this tour

  • All Transport
  • Pick-up and drop-off
  • Drinks and a light meal
  • When agreed in advance, the tour can also include accommodation fees outside of Bujumbura
  • Entrance fees to access the Karera Falls site. Entrance fees to Mugara Hot springs pool to be agreed on.

Excluded from this tour

  • Accommodation in Bujumbura
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • Souvenirs