Touch the horizon

Enjoy unforgettable moments at the beautiful lakes around the Heart of Afrika

Embrace Nature

The Heart of Afrika has more to enrich your inspiration

Unique urban wildlife

Explore the connection between the city and the wildlife

Embrace the Green

Freshness, pure air and beautiful landscapes at your fingerprints

Feel the Tradition

Embrace traditional styles, arts and pure African vibes

Nature and health

Hike and Trek with a smell of flowers and pure refreshment

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Five Reasons you should visit Burundi


New Discoveries: There is plenty of attractions to discover in Burundi which is indeed a hidden gem. Be the first to explore these!

World Class Hospitality: Burundians are well known for their generosity and for their legendary hospitality. Anyone who has been in Burundi can confirm this is true.

Cost Effective: Touring Burundi is one of the most affordable in the East African Community, regarding accommodation, food, transport and attractions.

Quick Destinations: Because Burundi is a small country, every tourist site is in a range of 2 to 3 hrs maximum. There is no time to get tired.

Organic Produce: Most of food items are grown by local farmers without the use chemicals. Come and taste the sweet and aromatic fruits the land has to offer.


With various climate lands, Exploring the heart of Afrika will take you to Highlands mountains, waterfalls, lakes, natural forests, beaches and wild savannas…! 

From katesulfing, hotsprings dipping, mountain climbing, natural reserve camping, cultural bonfire dances etc. The Heart of Afrika has more to offer…! 

Grey sand beaches, green mountains sceneries, natural park reserves, wild life exploration. Burundi has a lot to show from it’s unique  wildlife spicies…!

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