The Northern Lakes Tour

Tour Route

DAY1: Bujumbura-Ngozi-Kirundo (long trip)
DAY2: Visit to the lake Cohoha and other lakes, visit the Mutwenzi complex
DAY3: Return to Bujumbura

The Northern Lakes Tour requires 3 days and 2 nights to complete. On this tour our guest will love to stop for a little while to admire the Goat Farm in Vyerwa, the Burundi brewery. As he progress towards Kirundo, the guest will be able to see the historic mounts Shinge and Rugero where historic battles between Burundian and Rwandan Kings took place.

In Kirundo province there is a number of lakes that the guest will admire. These include the famous lake for birds, lake Cohoha, and many other small lakes. The Mutwenzi agro-complex will be another interesting attraction to visit while in this region.