The Karera Waterfalls are the largest in the country and represent one of the most beautiful and impressive tourist attractions. The site is made of a series of waterfalls: Nyakayi1, Nyakayi 2, Mwaro, Karera 1 and Karera 2. The average altitude of the protected area is 1600 m. Stairs trails have been traced to visit all the falls at will. The site is surrounded by forest galleries with shrub savannas. The leaves or roots of trees from the forest are often used as a rich pharmacopoeia by traditional healers. The successive cascades of the Karera Waterfalls give the site a remarkable beauty that deserves to be discovered. There is also a sacred dimension of these falls: At the foot of Karera waterfalls there is a reservoir and a cave from which the surrounding population seeks health, fertility and prosperity. It is accessible by RN7 and RN8 and it is located at 157 Km from Bujumbura.