The Gishora Royal Drums Tour

Tour Route

DAY1: Bujumbura-Muramvya (Kiganda)-Gitega
DAY 2: Gitega-Gishora- Return to Bujumbura

This is a 2 days and 1 night tour. On this tour, our guest will see the changing landscape of Burundi when leaving Bujumbura and climbing the Congo-Nile Crest where the temperature drops as one arrives at Bugarama, a road-cross to either the North or the Center of the country. The road region is very popular as it is viewed as one of the breadbaskets of the country. The guest can enjoy a lot of fruits, veggies and goat meat. The attractions on this route include the ancient royal palace in Muramvya, the famous site where the Kiganda Treaty between the Burundi’s King and the German officer Von Beringe was signed in 1903 during the scramble for Africa.

The guest can rather choose to focus on Gitega where he can decide between the visit to the National Museum or the Gitega Boma or the Fort, a place full of memories. The next day will be devoted to visiting the Gishora Royal Drums, the hearing of the interesting stories about the site. The guest will enjoy seeing the drummers perform the inimitable beating of the unique drums. The tour ends with this visit, with a return to Bujumbura the same day. (Here there is a possibility of continuing the tour with Ngozi depending on the guest’s choice).